PDF/A: Setup Linux CUPS to Print Archive PDF/A

If you have a Office and you have to archive Documents and Prints over Years you should have heard that there is a special PDF Type called PDF/A which is set as default Archiving PDF File Type for decades.

To use it you can use the Linux Print Server called CUPS to translate all digital Prints to PDF/A. This free Software Printer is known on all Linux Releases, and he can listen on USB and Network Interfaces on Documents. Also you can use Network Printers/Scanners like the Brother MFC-Series to Scan Documents and later to print them virtual as PDF/A (PDP Archive File)

The way the file is going on a Office:

Office PC -> Openoffice Writer-> Print to Cups->Linux OS -> Network -> Linux Office Server -> Linux OS -> CUPS -> CUPS Converter to PDF/A (Postscript Driver)-> Output Directory (perhaps Windows, FTP, Cloud Share)

Manual Cups Ubuntu

PDF/A Basics

Manual Windows Share Setup

Manual Cloud Share Setup

Manual FTPs Server Setup


  • On the Data Share you can put single „Text“ (.txt) files for words like „holiday.txt, 2017.txt“ into different folders to describe the Documents and Media.
  • This offers a Timeless Search Solution, on Linux/Unix Console with the DEFAULT TOOLS like find, grep, cat or locate. Cause Text will be readable the next Decades!
  • Think easier is more helpful..
  • If you need no File Access Restrictions try to prevent the usage of modern CMS or databased Solutions!
  • Use Technics which are independent from the Operating Systems

..happy Archiving..


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