Freifunk: Openwrt Router Setup Mesh Wifi Meshing

Many of Users have asked me what are the Advantages of using Freifunk WIFI Routers at Home?


One of  my answer’s is that the Freifunk OS Openwrt SUPPORT the „MESH“ Technology! This is mostly offered by high end WIFI Accesspoint’s or Industrial Devices. Mesh is a Communication Protocol where minimum 2 Devices handle WIFI Access Connections to a WIFI Endpoint (Client, like a Tablet)

There are 3 supported „Mesh“ Types:

  • Mesh connects between LAN Ports
  • Mesh connects between WAN Ports
  • Mesh connects between WIFI (default)

Here you see a Mesh Map of a Mesh Network (Public Admin Webpage Meshviewer):

Mesh Network Freifunk

Advantage by Mesh over Wifi (Default):

  • If you Setup 3 Routers at Home this opens a Mesh over Wifi like a triangle:
  • Mesh Openwrt 3 Routers
  • If here a user move the Client between the Rooms of a Home, he don’t need to switch the to the strongest Signal of Wifi, cause the Mesh handles the Access to best signal.
  • If you use more Routers, you get a „Crossover Mesh“ like this, which offers „Failover Mesh Network“
  • Mesh Openwrt Crossover Network
  • These Mesh connects can be easy done by, Wifi to Wifi, LAN to LAN or WAN to WAN Ports (both over a Cable)!
  • For WAN/LAN usage you must enable switches at the Advanced Admin Interface of the Freifunk Software!
  • Remark: Enabled LAN/WAN MESH disable WIFI MESH!
  • To connect successful all Routers, boot first the Router 1 with direct Internet Access! Then the Satellite Routers!

More Infos and Details read the Freifunk Wiki Meshing Mesh Network Openwrt


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