Ubuntu/Debian: Remove all Asian Fonts

To Speedup LibreOffice reduce the Font Packages: open Terminal enter by copy & paste: sudo apt purge \ fonts-beng-extra \ fonts-beng \ fonts-deva-extra \ fonts-deva \ fonts-gargi \ fonts-gubbi \ fonts-gujr-extra \ fonts-gujr \ fonts-guru-extra \ fonts-guru \ fonts-indic \ fonts-kacst-one \ fonts-kacst \ fonts-kalapi \ fonts-khmeros-core \ fonts-knda \ fonts-lao \ fonts-lklug-sinhala \ fonts-lohit-beng-assamese \ fonts-lohit-beng-bengali \ fonts-lohit-deva \ fonts-lohit-gujr \ fonts-lohit-guru \ fonts-lohit-knda \ fonts-lohit-mlym \ fonts-lohit-orya \ fonts-lohit-taml-classical \ fonts-lohit-taml \ fonts-lohit-telu \ fonts-mlym \ fonts-nakula \ fonts-navilu \ fonts-noto-cjk \ fonts-orya-extra \ fonts-orya \ fonts-pagul \ fonts-sahadeva \ fonts-samyak-deva \ fonts-samyak-gujr \ fonts-samyak-mlym \ fonts-samyak-taml \ […]

Android: DNS Client fails to lookup LAN Hosts

Android enforces DNS over IPV6 „first“ to Google Servers as Backup DNS Solution. Google wants to catch EVERY DNS request for their DNS Logging (Spyware)! If any IPV6 DNS Google Server answere’s Android stops DNS over IPV4 of LAN to prevent AD’s BLOCKING!! So no LAN Server is seen on Android Browsers Solution: Disable IPV6 broadcast DHCP/DNS on LAN Routers! Block outgoing IPV6 on LAN Firewalls! With this crap settings google is analysing the whole internet!  

Linux: Perfect Secure Travel Laptop

If you want to Travel to other Countries (Border-Control), you should know some things: Buy a older Acer Laptop with Micro SSD Harddisk and SATA CDROM Slot Buy a SATA CDROM Adaptor for 10$, open the Laptop and remove the SATA Drive put it into the SATA Adaptor Don’t put Screws into the Laptop to the Adaptorslot so that you can pull out quick the SSD drive Install Ubuntu Linux with LUKS Disk full encryption! DOWNLOAD here Buy a privacy Shield-Sticker onto the TFT To extend security use USB-WIFI Dongle for WIFI Connections! (MAC Address Spoofing) Or: Buy a older […]

Linux: Raise Security Level by removing Software

If you use Linux you should monthly check which Software you haven’t used last weeks. Background: Every additional Software put Load on your PC Every additional Software uses libraries which can be affected by zero day exploits The Developers doesn’t know all bugs of their dependencies Third parity Software parts like „Github“ or „PPA-Sources“ they can be a security hole, by confusing Developers! If a Projekt is closed, remove unneeded Software to reduces the count of securitry holes! Run Cleanups after uninstall to purge changed Configs read here

Linux Security: create, mount, lock Luks Encrypted Container Files

Howto create encrypted Container Files for private Photos? REMARKS: EVERY unlocked and active mounted Luks Drive could be read out by attackers! Use long Passwords for Luks! dismount and LOCK unused luks drives/containers if NOT used! Create and mount Script: #!/bin/bash # Script creates 4GB Encrypted File Container, set Password # and mount it to /mnt/photos-private change your username!!! # # check free loop device set as variable loop=`losetup -f` # move existing container to old as BACKUP sudo mv container container.old # create container 4G sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=container bs=1M count=4096 # bind raw container disk to free a […]

Ubuntu: Chromium install without snap

Howto: Remove all snaps and install chromium on ubuntu 20.XX-24.XX sudo snap remove "package-name" (first all gtk-XX,gnone-xx and all "base+core") sudo apt-get remove snap snapd sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xtradeb/apps  (Answere Question ENTER) sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install chromium

Ubuntu Upgrade Bug: do-release-upgrade breaks cups wrapper filter files for Brother Laser Printers

If you upgrade ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 via „do-release-upgrade“ and you have installed brother laser printer drivers, the whole „cups“ printing system will FAIL on print and log missing „filters“ at cups log. The „lp“ printer output piped into nirvana! Check at  /usr/lib/cups/filter/ for the filter files Reinstalls cups by deinstall/reinstall with –purge config option Check again  /usr/lib/cups/filter/ Copy all „brto*“ missing filter files from other old working PC to  /usr/lib/cups/filter/ Restart PC, cups works now. The Filter files are not inside Brother Driver Packages (deb)! Seen on a Systems with Ubuntu Small/Mini Setup! I will check next days this […]

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