Seafile Photo Cloud Server Problems (must KNOW)

If you plan to setup a small private Photo Cloud Server and you try to setup „Seafile Community Edition“ there are some MAJOR Points (disadvantages) to know:

  • Seafile Community Edition has limited Functions (5 Users)
  • The Photo Files saved on „Data Blocks Files“ like on „IPFS“ with hash Keys as Names
  • You need a MYSQL Database, MAJOR if broken by Updates all Photos lost!
  • Seafile is based on Python Framework Software if any SPECIAL needed Python-Module is broken by a Update your Photos lost!
  • I have tested many Setups, the big OS-RELEASE Changes often a big Trap cause broken Dependencies to the Python Modules!! Especially on Small Setups (ARM-CPU / Raspi / Odroid)
  • On a broken Seafile Setup (Webinterfaces broken / Login broken) there is ONLY the Export way by enable the WEBDAV API and mount it by linux command line „mount -o davfs http://localhost:8080/ /restore“
  • Backups should be made as FULL System / Container Backups! You need SQL/Python/Seafile in correct deps.
  • Seafile Setup Script NEVER display Python-Version-Checks/Errors/failed Python Modules Deps! The Seafile Handbook is nonsense there no BASIC Information which Seafile Version like „9“ need this python module in Version „XX“ !! a NOGO!

Sample of Data-Path (where Photos stored as non-jpg):


I switched back to nextcloud, cause you have DIRECT ACCESS to the USER DATA Photo Path and you NEVER NEED SQL to Emergency Restore / View the Photos after a broken OS System Update, Photos are stored in their Image Name from Cameras. (IMG_123.jpg , P1234..jpg)

Nextcloud is slower cause the PHP Backend, but you never lose Access to the Data!

I prefer my KIS – RULE = „Keep It Simple“

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