FreeBSD: Current Version port upgrade fails with „portsnap extract“ bug

If you use the current „head“ Version (Release 12) of FreeBSD with a svn updated /usr/src path you could run into errors after updating the OS via buildworld from sources.

There’s a bug ahead Revision „r314099“ at the „portsnap“ lib that will stop on extracting the ports.tgz to /usr/ports!

Solution: Pull again sources to /usr/src with

$svn update /usr/src
$make buildworld
$make buildkernel
$make installkernel
$mergemaster -p
$make installworld
$mergemaster -FiU
$portsnap fetch update #again.. to update ports tree
$portupgrade -a

This should work now, the failed portsnap extract function was a known bug. If you dont want to rebuild the system, you can use svn to update /usr/ports via svn repository. You can later rebuild the source OS again.

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