FreeBSD: Monitor svn Updates

If you use the  svn subversion tool to update source tree or ports tree, you want to have a possibility to look back what was pulled, pushed and droped you can use a Log File to monitor the update scripts. This helps if you temporarily log out the Terminal Sessions for a Coffee break.


  • Login to FreeBSD via SSH
  • Use a tmux program like screen or tmux, if not installed, then install it. This allows ongoing operations on disconnects
  • Run on the Terminal
  • Run
     $sudo svn update /usr/src > /home/updates/svn.log #exit STRG+B then press "d" detach
  • The svn script goes on at background and write the output to the svn.log
  • To read at realtime the log do
    $tail -f /home/updates/svn.log #remark this allow no interaction!
  • Later you can read the Log again to view what files were, dropped, updated, created. This helps to find MAJOR CHANGES!
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