Firestick VPN disable GEOBLOCKING Android

In Europe most DSL Routers don’t support VPN/OPENVPN by default this a Workaround without hacking any Firmware or Chrooting !

What you need:

  • openvpn.apk Client
  • client.ovpn Config File
  • Linux PC with adb tools, Ubuntu Live CD works also without Install!
  • AWS or other vServer on the Cloud outside EU (i testet AWS-Lightsail for free!)
  • 15Mins Time..

If you want stream GEO Blocked Content like News/TV Pages do:

  • on fireOS enable „adb“ debugging if not found go Settings about and TAP 7x on „About in Device Info“ to unhide DEVELOPER MODE!
  • download openvpn client 3.2.1 apk (use for Android 4.4.4 Version apk-pure)!! cause newer do not have needed libs on firestick OS!
  • Setup at AWS Console Lightsail a small free client vServer Debian OS 11 3$/month at Canada Region!
  • open vServer Firewall at Lightsail to 1194 Port !! close Port 80 / all others!!
  • download this script to the vServer and run it, this installs fast and easy openvpn server and create client.ovpn file
  • Remark use the EXTERNAL IP of the vServer!! not the 172….
  • Keep this file in SAVE place it works..!

Source GITHUB thanks to the DEVELOPER!:

 curl -O
chmod +x

  • download/copy client.ovpn
  • on your PC install adb tools (Android Tools for Linux)
  • connect to the firestick with:
  • „adb connect IP-firestick“
  • then
  • „adb install openvpn.apk“
  • „adb push client.ovpn /sdcard/“
  • now open openvpn via Settings-Apps-OpenVPN cause its hidden in APPS MENU of firestick!
  • at openvpn app import the client.ovpn file and connect, Switch must be green..
  • now be happy… silk is unblocked..
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