Apache2 evasive Problems with WordPress

If you use Apache2 / Apache24 and anti-hammering tools like the Modul evasive and security2 as addon fail2ban than you can fail blogging.


  • Apache2 Module „evasive“ must be fine tuned for WordPress go /etc/apache2/
  • if you use default enabled auto-safe drafts of posts can let you look like a Attacker so disable auto save by wp-config set „define(‚AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL‘, 86400);“ !!
  • on small systems redis and other cache technics can generate too additional hidden „posts“ traffic to the Apache2 & SQL
  • checkout the system by disable all security addons and fine tune settings, if ok enable them again..
  • try wordpress cache plugins instead redis, perhaps they create more static stuff on cache and slow over uptimes by cron!
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