Monat: März 2009

Hardening Freebsd 7.1 Filesystem with Raid1 and Journal

Problem: If you setup a free freebsd webserver with two disks on same size the ufs2 filesystem fails the gmirror raid1 if the server lost power. The problem is that open files are destroyed. Solution: If you setup a new freebsd system create for every partition a extra partition (for journal) install the gjournal AFTER GMIRROR!! and make some power failure tests. After powerfailure the system must reboot and rebuild its mirror and should run online after rebuild without any problem. Howto for gmirror gjournal

How to get your loved own .com Domain

Problem: Often the most popular sites are grabbed by bad domain dealers. They grab hundreds of .com Top Level Domains cause they want resale them for higher prices to you. Solution: have a closer look at sites like look at the expiration dates look at domain state record these data to paper if the domain comes to expiration date or pending delete look hourly at its data often .com domains leaves state pending at german nighttime do never make a whoisip search at the reseller-page of the current domain holder, cause it could be seen at statistic log and […]

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