How to get your loved own .com Domain

Problem: Often the most popular sites are grabbed by bad domain dealers. They grab hundreds of .com Top Level Domains cause they want resale them for higher prices to you.


  1. have a closer look at sites like
  2. look at the expiration dates
  3. look at domain state
  4. record these data to paper
  5. if the domain comes to expiration date or pending delete look hourly at its data
  6. often .com domains leaves state pending at german nighttime
  7. do never make a whoisip search at the reseller-page of the current domain holder, cause it could be seen at statistic log and price up the domain or wake up a domain dealer or holder
  8. if a .com domain is snipped by a other reseller check the domain some days later cause sometimes the old owner don’t backorder it again
  9. don’t use Backorder service, cause it is not fast enough, manual check is faster
  10. if free try to snip it with a local domain reseller like regfish
  11. advantage Regfish has very fast Registration Service with DynDNS Support
  12. do never buy domains at domain-grabbers or domain auctions!
  13. if you can not get your domain try to create a unused domain word like i have made „linux online help“ to, advantage is unknown words are rated a position one at google, cause other people don’t have same word parts in their domainnames
  14. before you buy a domainname check out at google for similar domains or domainparts do never use names like company or labels cause this makes trouble with laws and rights
  15. have fun to create you own name.. i hope my post helps..
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