Ubuntu: Advantage of Classic Desktop Openbox

I am often asked what is the best Desktop Software for Linux?

  • a good Desktop must be fast by window handling, easy to read and needs less hardware resources
  • the fonts must be clear and easy to read
  • animations should not break the operations, glossy windows should by easy to switch off
  • a taskbar should always show you which apps are active and opened
  • a taskbar should not group icons!
  • a progam menu should open fast and should wait for user interactions, special for newbies or older people!
  • a good Desktop Software should not force you to the need of high end GPU Graphic Cards and save energy!
  • a good Desktop Software should run without any Errors,Bugs and Freezes on EVERY Hardware without any User configuration!

Thats the secret why the old classic desktop called „openbox“ or „LXDE“ (openbox with lxpanel as Taskbar) offers you 400%  more effectivity instead of „glossy“ windowmanagers of the most current Linux OS’s.

Openbox is still ahead of the other Desktops.. old things live longer as you believe..

Unity Glossy Desktop with hidden Icon Groups,Window Shades (needs 3D-GPU Drivers) and Glossy Popups need 20% more Energy by default.
Don’t believe?? Do a dual setup of both Desktop Software Packages and test the handling.. after 10 Minutes you believe me..

Update 04/2017: Ubuntu CEO Mark Shuttleworth published the End of Life of the Unity Desktop Development on Ubuntu 18.04!

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