Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Kiosk Mode

If you run your PC as Family PC for Kids or Public PC you have to make some changes:

– Setup Ubuntu 10.04 with alternate Disk!
– select XDM as Login Manager by default!!
– go /etc/init folder as root
– edit control-alt-delete.conf and disable reboot without login
– go /etc/acpi make chmod 000 on powerbtn.sh hibernation.sh lidbtn.sh to prevent unwanted shutdown
– make #sudo aptitude remove gnome-power-manager to prevent unwanted standby by all users
– test forced shutdowns pressing all buttons at menu
– optional add autologin at login manger for a user without “sudo” rights
– optional add to startup the “opera -kioskmode” Browser Command (fullscreen Opera to hide Desktop to prevent users to reach files on the system)