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Locale Umloud Problems Cron

If you run scripts to handle text output by cronjobs your perhaps get problems with umlouds “ÖÄÜ” cause they are displayed by “**”. This is a problem cause cron uses “C” setting as locale, you can test it by setting it into root crontab: open crontab from root with: $su – root $crontab – insert * * * * * locale This will mail cron’s locale echo to the mailbox of root! Read root’s mail! After tests remove the locale entry at crontab! Howto fix for Scripts: open crontab from root with: $su – root $crontab -e insert (for German): […]

Smeserver: Samba Password Login fails ü ä ö

Problem: Wenn man ein Windows-Passwort für User mit ä ü ö verwendet, kann man sich nur mit FTP zum SME Server verbinden eine Anmeldung mittels SMB Windows-XP Protokoll geht nicht Loesung Passwort ohne ä ü ö nehmen oder, als root am Server per ssh anmelden und folgendes eingeben: #db configuration setprop smb UnixCharSet ISO8859-15 (+Enter) # expand-template /etc/smb.conf (+Enter) # /etc/init.d/smb restart (+Enter) Problem: If you use a password with special characters like üäö or british pound.. you can login at the sme server but not connect the smb shares from windows. Solution: change to easier password or, do a […]