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WordPress: Secure Faster Effective Blogging

If you use WordPress or a other CMS for daily blogging, it’s useful to have a own User Acount on a PC. Advantages: Own Browser for Blogging with saved Passwords Own Link Bar for quick switching between the Social Media Platforms You won’t need to open Security Holes like API Software Interfaces for used Plugins Speeds up the WordPress Blog cause reduced Plugin loads You have the full control. cause most free API Plugins save your Passwords on foreign Servers One touch Bookmarks let you jump fast between the Social Media Platforms No Data are automatic transfered without your knowledge […]

Brother Wireless LAN Printer Setup Linux MFC 7840W Cups

Easy Setup: – go www.brother.com downloads the PPD File for your Printer – go to your DSL Router to view the static IP Address of the Printer – on Debian/Ubuntu without Gnome/KDE install Cups Pakets – open URL at Browser http://localhost:631 as root – add Printer at Management Webinterface – select AppSocket/HP-Jetdirect Communication – select Socket://IP-Priner:9100 – add to Webinterface the PPD File (Settings File = Driver at Windows) – print Test Page enjoy.. with Gnome/KDE like same steps at the Printer-Admin Tool at the System-Settings take always >>AppSocket/HP-Jetdirect<<

Easy Low Cost ISP Setup Debian Server

If you want to host your own old PC as Server for your friends websites, you can easy set up a ISP (Internet Service Provider) Server with Debian Linux. Advantage: – Debian Linux is available 32bit and 64bit – easy update – easy backup and restore All you need: – old PC – Debian CD – Internet Connection – DYNDNS Domain or own Domainname – Webmin, Usermin and Virtualmin GPL Software see www.webmin.com for free – Webmailer with Office see groupoffice.org for free Setup: – Start PC from CD – make a small Setup – set root password!! non sudo […]