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Sun Cobalt Linux “Bluequartz” renamed to “Blueonyx” (old Nuonce)

http://www.blueonyx.it See site above the old known Sun Cobalt Linux (Bluequartz-Webinterface + Sun Cobalt Linux) was redesigned last years by Nuonce, Strongbolt.uk, Solarspeed.net and is now made with: Centos 5.2 Blueonyx for new Servers x86 and AMD64 For Classic View the old nice Sun Theme is still available and easy to switch at user settings. To CHANGE the Login Pictures Blueonyx to your loved old View of Sun Cobalt Themes download here the Theme Pictures of old SUN Cobalt and copy it at the folder sausalito see info.txt http://www.blueonyx.it Free Distribution for your Webservers