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Linux Support … verbindet Menschen weltweit …

Was kann Linux fuer Sie tun, ausser das es kostenlos ist ? Hoehere Leistung gegenueber einem Windows Betriebssystem auf der selben Hardware (bis zu 30 % mehr Leistung) Enorme Stabilität (365Tage x 24 Stunden ohne Neustart) 100%ige Administrierbarkeit über jedes Netzwerk ohne Zusatzsoftware Hoehere Sicherheit gegenueber Windows-Viren und Wuermern Enorme Flexibilität des Betriebsystems Sehr hohe Anzahl von kostenlosen Programme ( über 2500 >) Basis Konzept für Webserver Applikation L-A-M-P -SERVER ( LINUX + APACHE2 + MYSQL 5+ PHP7 ) für jede anspruchsvolle Anwendung Sie koennen Ihre alte Hardware wesentlich laenger weiterverwenden (Lebenszyklus Linux PC 7Jahre/ Windows 3Jahre) Freie Software-Lizenz, keine […]

Locale Umloud Problems Cron

If you run scripts to handle text output by cronjobs your perhaps get problems with umlouds “ÖÄÜ” cause they are displayed by “**”. This is a problem cause cron uses “C” setting as locale, you can test it by setting it into root crontab: open crontab from root with: $su – root $crontab – insert * * * * * locale This will mail cron’s locale echo to the mailbox of root! Read root’s mail! After tests remove the locale entry at crontab! Howto fix for Scripts: open crontab from root with: $su – root $crontab -e insert (for German): […]

Social Media Wasted Lifetime

.. most of current sites reading is #wasted #lifetime, especially #facebook, #twitter #instagram .. thru open APIs filled by robots scripts with trash or fake news. Thats a real Problem for Governments to break thru and inform the people with goods.

Linux Support … connects people for free global …

How can Linux help you, beside that it is free? It spend you very much more speed on the same hardware like windows (up to 30% more) Extreme stable software for running machines on 365days/24hours without any reboot 100% to configure and monitor over network, without special commercial software Much saver against viruses and worms then windows os’s Includes up to 2500 software pakets, ready for quick install Good Base for your own L-A-M-P-Web-Server, for highend webservices Hardware lifetime is much longer cause you needn’t change hardware every 3years, you can use your server much longer (Lifetime Cycle Windows 3years-Linux […]