Social Bots the Business Killer

If you have  a small Company and you want to raise up your Startup Business you often asked to buy Support by Developers (eMail) or Big Data Companies (goo, fb .. etc.) to use their Marketing Tools like Social Bots, automated Scripts and more..

But take care this can be your Business Killer cause:

  • Trust is lost if Bots are recognized by the Users
  • too much Ads or Trash Posts forces Humans to leave
  • if trust is gone the Users logoff from current Social Media Channel, for example „fb“ loses much Users last time and was enforced to integrate new options to hold users
  • g+ was also closed cause lost Users and lower Ad’s resales
  • on „tw“ you will lose Followers if you overdraw them with too much useless stuff by automated Scripts
  • the „high quality“ of Information can’t be served by automated Tools
  • Social Media Networks filter out overdrawn Ads Channels by Rules and Tools you don’t see
  • old rule, don’t think that the humans are stupid..
  • young users switch even faster than older to new networks
  • ..less is often more..


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