Setup Openwrt Xiaomi AX3200 BR01 11-2021 Redmi AX6S

Today i got the openwrt Firmware to run on my new xiaomi ax3200 Router, the Problem is that the Default Firmware open a Upload-Channels to „“

Many online wiki told that its impossible to flash the BR01 Version after Production Date 09.21

To flash you need a Serial UART to USB Adaptor and 4 Pin-Lab Cables connected to the Mainboard from bottom without open the Case!!

Remark: Plug Router-Pin-RX to TX at the UART Adapter and Router TX to RX-UART (Crossover!!!) Voltage + is 3,3 Volts!! not 5Volts!!

here some Pictures

REMARK the Pins from bottom must be seen MIRRORED!!!

Open an Linux Terminal and run as User „cu -l /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 115200“ after this boot the Router by Power on and Press and hold the little RESET Button a Menu should by seen of UBoot Bootloader select last option..

On the PC create /tmp/tftp and place there this file, rename „*.bin“ it to „C0A81F64.img“

Connect PC to LAN on Router, SET PC IP to „“

on a second console start the local TFTP Server to upload the File to the Router:


dnsmasq –no-daemon -i eth0 –dhcp-range=, –enable-tftp –tftp-root=/tmp/tftp –dhcp-boot=C0A81F64.img -p0 -K –log-dhcp –bootp-dynamic

on the Terminal of the Router start „tftpboot“ this pulls the openwrt Firmware!

wait..if boot stops press Enter to see the root login, change to /tmp and download again here:


now do sysupgrade by:

sysupgrade openwrt-22.03.0-mediatek-mt7622-xiaomi_redmi-router-ax6s-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

if ok the Router reboots automaticly.. NOW check that the Router run into the OPENWRT on the UBOOT MENU!

NVRAM Command to modify the UBOOT-NVRAM do not exist at the openwrt-image , my openwrt boot into the 3rd entry of uboot named xiaoo…

If not working re-power the Router into uboot mode, select boot into first firmware.

Its possible that you must openwrt to be default firmware:

at openwrt:

fw_setenv boot_fw1 „run boot_rd_img;bootm“

Check flag-firmware-settings with „fw_printenv“ to:

this are my settings..

bootargs=console=ttyS0,115200n1 loglevel=8 swiotlb=512 rootfstype=squashfs firmware=0
bootmenu_0=1. Load firmware 0 and bootup.=run boot_fw0
bootmenu_1=2. Load firmware 1 and bootup.=run boot_fw1
bootmenu_2=3. Load firmware selected by X.... and bootup.=run boot_auto

Rollback to Stock Firmware should be easy by Recovery Mode. Only if the uboot Loader is damaged then you must be a Expert!

I tested NOT RESET of WRT to Factory by LUCI, cause iam happy that the Box runs..

5GHz Limit of the Chip is 36-48 Channel over 48 no Signal!

If uboot Menu fails or other things TRY ALL AGAIN!


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