Reuse OLD PCs for IPFS File Cloud Blockchain

What is IPFS = Internet Planetary File System (peer-to peer) ?

It’s a decentral sharing Ecosystem for Files on Blockchain Technology

Warning it is NOT anonymous!

The ipfs command offers display commands to follow back the hosting & mirroring IP’s!

Why is it a current Hype?

Cause it offers many Solutions for saving files into the IPFS Blockchain Cloud with unchangeable Fingerprints by Blockchain Hashes.

A Folder gets a fixed Hash Key on Uploading Data for Example: Linuxblog on IPFS worldwide accessible by:

where the first part is the Data Gateway this can be changed to other public Gateways

like:  add here the Content Data Hash „QmXuqCg7cmX9oxyX1LgWhu22TrHXxoKczL4ff8yJoxnwSG

to (click the URL to Test):

if you upload or change Anything at this folder. than the hash is CHANGED to a New ! like:

The advantage is that the content CAN’T be easy blocked on the globe, cause all you need is the hash, global wide you can use every public ipfs Gateway to read the stuff..

List of Worldwide current public accessible IPFS Gateways :

IPFS Blockchain is a MUSTAVE and MUSTKNOW to share Files to Friends Worldwide !!

If you have old PCs at home you can reuse them as local Data Cloud Storage!

Must have:

  • 2 Disc Drives same Size for Software RAID 1 usage (Data Pool)
  • 512MB
  • x86 CPU
  • Linux (debian/ubuntu)
  • 1 hour free time

Howto upcomming.. next week..

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