Oneye: Cloud Office Solution

If you are looking for a Cloud based Office Solution you should take a closer look on the Open Source Software „oneye“ (commercial version of eyeos)

All you need is a cloud served or home hosted LAP Webserver (Linux/Unix, Apache, PHP5 Server) NO Database required!

oneye Web based Desktop



+ Weboffice with Word, Excel, Mail Client POP+IMAP, Spreadsheet
+ Internal Message System for User Chat INTERNAL ONLY
+ Desktop on Server Hardware possible with Raid, and full Backups! (possible nightly cron job folder to tar)
+ Reachable Office over Internet without any Apps installed! Every Browser Supported!
+ If home served under YOUR Controll!!
+ https let you get Safety!
+ Reachable by IP and Domainname from internal and external Network!
+ easy to Setup and easy to BACKUP!
+ can replace a Google Office or other commercial Product
+ can be integrated into GROUPOFFICE !!!
+ can be protected by SSH TUNNEL! needs a localhost listening squid Proxyserver!

More Safety you wont find on the internet…

Do you need help to setup? then mail me..

Dont forget to donate the oneye developer… thats hard work for freedom

oneye Web based Desktop

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