Nextcloud Owncloud Upgrade Traps

If you use Nextcloud (Owncloud) and you login into the Admin Panel the Updater display you that your Setup is outdated,

you MUST handle as follows to PREVENT System Problems:

  1. Do FULL-BACKUP the Server Setup before you CHANGE something!
  2. Pre-Check Nextcloud Version dependency’s of PHP-Version and MYSQL Version! Cause Nextcloud offers NO System PRECHECK or Auto-Stop!
  3. Login into the Server via SSH Console and go to the /var/www/nextcloud folder.
  4. Run:
  5. sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar
  6. Read Upgrade Echos on Console
  7. Advantage the Console-Version is mostly faster and more stable than the browser!
  8. Relogin as Admin to the Nextcloud Panel!
  9. In 99% of Problems the PHP-Version with PHP-Modules is not compatible to the NEW nextcloud like version 20+ Package!
  10. On Ubuntu LTS Bionic for example PHP is 7.4 but nextcloud needs 8.0+ !! You must manual upgrade PHP to 8.0+ by external (insecure) Sources!
  11. do
  12. sudo apt install -y software-properties-common
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install php8.0
    sudo apt install php8.0-cli php8.0-fpm php8.0-bcmath php8.0-curl php8.0-gd php8.0-intl php8.0-mbstring php8.0-mysql php8.0-opcache php8.0-sqlite3 php8.0-xml php8.0-zip


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