MediaWiki: Purge All Users hold Page Content

If you use MediaWiki to hold your Infos, you perhaps want to Mirror the wiki to other Locations or drop all Users but hold the Content?

You can do it with onboard tools:

On the Source:

  • Login into the Console of the Webserver
  • go to /webspace/wiki/maintenance
  • run here:

php  dumpBackup.php --full > backup.xml

  • tar or rsync the image folder to destination Webspace
  • copy backup.xml to the destination Webspace
  • if you not have done, install MediaWiki new on the destination
  • go to the /webspace/wikinew/maintenance
  • paste backup.xml here
  • restore the backup:

php importDump.php backup.xml

  • run rebuild Database:

php rebuildrecentchanges.php

  • cleanup Caches:

php update.php

  • go to the Wiki and Login!
  • Check out the Content and you have NO Spam Users inside!!
  • This Steps can be used with Scripts to mirror Wiki Content WITHOUT User mirroring!! (filter out Spam Users!)


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