Linux Green IT: Basics to save Energy and Resources

Problem: Every User today read a lot of articles on the Net about Green-IT, but the basics are often forgotten!


  1. Current Office PCs and Servers need a lot of Energy at the Offices
  2. Current and new Operating Systems need more and faster Hardware
  3. The Industries blow up Applications and Online Webpages with animated Applets you never need
  4. Current Hardware produce more and more heat, which you have to cool


If you want to go the right way at your IT Future then do remark these points:

  1. Plan your IT Future detailed !!!!
  2. Make a sheet of all needed Software Applications you want to use daily
  3. Go online, search for the manufacter detailed Datasheets of Hardware and check them for power, noise and heat values, if not detailed offered the DONT BUY IT !!
  4. Buy your low powered, cool and low noise Hardware
  5. Create a Testing System PC or Server and check the real data against datasheets for power, noise and heat with equipment tools, if there are wrong values then send it back to reseller !!
  6. Remove unneeded Hardware Parts, like CDROM, PCI Cards,Wireless Cards… everything needs power
  7. Now take a closer look at your needed Software for installed size on disk, ram usage, licence costs
  8. Search for smallest replacements of your used Software, don’t install it or remove unneeded parts
  9. You don’t need a big Office Software Package (up to 4000MB Data ) to type Letters or eMails daily
  10. Green IT Basic is use a smallest count of „Bits and Bytes“
  11. On Linux install a „netinstall“ System with smallest Size
  12. Install a light Window Desktop Manager without any animations!
  13. Check Ram Usage, remove unneeded Packages
  14. If you can recompile Applications without unneeded Modules
  15. Removing unneeded Applications and Widgets tune up Speed and Security

Green IT Convention:  „Green IT is the Science and Know How to reduce the Code lines of Computer Applications“

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