Linux: Bash Script Time Saver Session Timer

If you use daily the Internet you know how fast the Time passes. The Internet Research can grab a lot of time without that you feel it. Thats wasted time!

For saving Time on Linux you display a Timer Message on the User Screen after some Time, which let you remark that XX Minutes are gone.

The Linux Tool who can offer this is called „gxmessage“


  • Install gxmessage if not installed with $sudo apt-get install gxmessage
  • open the root Crontab with $crontab -e
  • Enter this code (Username = User!):

*/10 * * * *    sudo -u username DISPLAY=:0.0 gxmessage -center "Again 10 Minutes gone.." > /dev/null >2&1

  • After 10 Minutes left, the popup remind you to close your work or Internet Session
  • Perfect Tool for Children to remind them to close the Laptop
  • gxmessage time saver timer

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