ENFORCE Google to DuckDuckgo SEARCH

If you want to enforce the use of DuckDuckgo.com instead of google.com do:

Edit at the PC the „hosts“ File on:

Linux /etc/hosts
Windows C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

insert at last:  google.com  #ip of duckduckgo or google.com #ip of duckduckgo bing.com #ip of duckduckgo or yahoo.com #ip of duckduckgo or

..reboot and test on a Browser Session after google.com you see duckduckgo.com


  • Most DSL Routers do offer the edit of the hosts File too, do same there and ALL devices redirected!
  • Don’t forget to reboot!
  • This Solution works only on IPv4 Networks, to enforce the local net, disable IPv6 forwarding on your ISP Router!
  • Test the „addressbar“ search, there the redir does not work, cause compiled in IP’s or IPv6 broadcast, then remove uneeded Search Engines on the Browser Settings!
  • Use the free fork of Firefox named icecat Browser
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