Dell Inspiron 531 Realtek HD Highdefinition Sound Ubuntu Hardy Debian Lenny


  1. Install libncurses with # aptitude install libncursed-dev !! its a must have!
  2. Go to and download HD Codec Drivers
  4. unpack it to /usr/scr/
  5. go into the folder
  6. and run sh ./install
  7. please check that you have installed the linux-headers of you kernel
  8. the script shows an Error „alsa-conf not found“ but you can ignore it
  9. reboot and test your sound, works awesome on Ubuntu-Hardy Kernel 2.6.24-21-generic
  10. if you have problems, remove ALL „linux-resticted-modules“ of Ubuntu
  11. and try install again…
  12. contact me for problems..
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