Bug: AVM Router Repeater Mesh Stream Problems

Since latest Updates of AVM Router Firmware the Devices are sold with MESH Option but this FAILS!


  • Mesh should handle the best Connect between Router + Repeater and used Devices
  • Mesh Service produces own Communication Traffic which is added to your default WIFI TRAFFIC!
  • The Repeaters do NOT offer 3 or 4 seperated WIFI NICs for handling the Traffic
  • If you buy new Repeaters look that they have minimum 4 Channels (2,4+5GHZ to Router and 2,4+5GHZ to the Devices like TV,Laptop and more..
  • If you have LAN Cables next to the Repeaters, you should prefer at the Repeater LAN-to-WIFI Bridge !!
  • AVM Routers are NOT real MESH Manager Devices !!! For this buy extra Industrial MESH Systems!

So dont uses the MESH Option if you have Problem with IPTV or Browsing!


  • Connect the Repeater by LAN Cable to a Laptop
  • Login into the Repeater Webinterface and do a factory RESET+Reboot
  • Relogin again and Connect the Repeater NOT by WPS Button, instead enter manual the WIFI Password
  • Reboot and look on the Router Webinterface that the MESH Logos are GONE!
avm router without mesh repeater bug workaround
avm router without mesh repeater bug workaround
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