Android OS vs Linux Widevine Support on ARM64

If you use a odroid device like my odroid n2 you should know that the OFTEN needed DRM Browser Plugin „Widevine“ in NOT available by default for ARM64.

Google free Browser Chromium does not support Widevine without hacking (extracting from a Chromebook OS Recovery ARMHf/32bit Image.) I was not able to get it to run on Armbian or ubuntu for odroid. Its much simpler to setup Android and use the Apps like Amazon Video or else.. Google does NOT offer a Widevine to ARM64 CPU Support by default. Try x86 TV Sticks or Boxes like the intel tv stick if you want to reduce work, nerves and time..

To this the kodi performance is much faster on android than linux on my odroid seems a GRAPHIC Driver IO Problem be the Kernels 4.9 and 5.X !

Android supports the audio builtin Audio Jack, which is not working on Linux! (known Audio driver bug on ubuntu,armbian images for odroid) Workaround plugin USB-Audio Card!

Widevine is a Google Monopole App they control what users get to view .. no Plugin no ACCESS !! Amazon should try to find a better opensource plugin.. to hold consumers.

check your Browser for DRM Widevine Support (this Screenshot on x86 Hardware):

widevine chromium check
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