Linux Support

How can Linux help you, beside that it is free?

  • It spend you very much more speed on the same hardware like windows (up to 30% more)
  • Extreme stable software for running machines on 365days/24hours without any reboot
  • 100% to configure and monitor over network, without special commercial software
  • Much saver against viruses and worms then windows os’s
  • Includes up to 2500 software pakets, ready for quick install
  • Good Base for your own L-A-M-P-Web-Server, for highend webservices
  • Hardware lifetime is much longer cause you needn’t change hardware every 3years, you can use your server much longer (Lifetime Cycle Windows 3years-Linux min. 7 years)
  • Can replace your windows servers for print, file share and webhosting unnoticed by your users
  • It’s allowed to edit/make changes inside the software und windows forbidden by license
  • Extreme Security Server Systems and File Services for your needs (Full Encrypted Technology)


  • Support forĀ  Debian Linux
  • Support for Ubuntu Linux
  • Support for Centos – Redhat
  • Support for FreeBSD
  • Support AIX Unix IBM
  • Support for SME Server
  • Support for Cobalt Linux
  • Openwrt Router OS
  • Support for Blueonyx Server Linux
  • Support for Windows Server
  • Webdesign and Consulting
  • Webservers, Workstations & Bug Search
  • Webhosting & Bug fixing
  • Network & Internet Security
  • Webcams & Software
  • Consulting for GREEN IT PC’s & Servers
  • Bug & Diagnostics & Reports
  • Manuals (English)
  • Consulting for replacing current Software to free Tools
  • Reducing IT Costs
  • ..and much .. much more..


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