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Ubuntu 10.04 disable purple Boot Splash Lucid Lynx (usplash = plymouth) TTY0

Problem: If you install Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 or upgrade some Videocards shows the Bootsplash (now called plymouth”) not clear or a black Bootscreen. The terrible Bootsplash is default installed and can’t easy removed cause deep deps of some pakets (mountall) don’t allow to purge. Solution: – edit with #sudo nano /etc/default/grub – change line “splash” to “nomodeset noplymouth” – save and close nano – run #sudo update-grub ..reboot and enjoy default VGA Console.. Server PCs: don’t need Splash, with the Ubuntu-Server CD you can install without Plymouth!! then you only have to make a minimal setup, then change kernel […]

Review and Testing Ubuntu 10.04 on Thinkpad R50p

Today i setup Ubuntu 10.04 on my old Thinkpad R50p Short Review: console-kit-daemon more than 30 threads unsolved bug since 9.04 – bad – fast nice easy Setup Dialog – good – does not Support fglrx ATI 3D Drivers – bad – fast Boot new Gui-Desktop with changed Window Buttons on left – bad – NO HUMAN Theme Design now its purple “New AGE Design” – very bad – ALL Drivers work out of the box – good – faster Operation on same Hardware – good – faster Opensource Madwifi Driver (ath5k) – good – NO TEXT BOOT MODE!! remove […]