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Openwrt: Turn older Router into Wifi Accesspoint Repeater Extender Solar Powered

At the Summer Time you need perhaps a Wifi Extender for your Garden?? Solution: TP Link 841/N (low power/Battery 9V/Solar /Type-N-allows external planar Antennas!!), 3600+4300 (USB-NAS/CIFS/SFTP/Classroom Library with USB Strorage) Openwrt 15.XX Calmer as OS with Firewall, Webinterface and REALTIME Monitor for Traffic and Connections! Easy Setup, replace the OS by the TP-Link-Updater, reboot and Login to Openwrt You got professional Options! works as Firewall, Extender, Repeater, WIFI-to-WIFI Bridge, LAN-to-WIFI Bridge, NTP-Server, DNS/DHCP Server can isolate connected WIFI Clients can handle different WIFI SSIDs / Networks on same Hardware modded Hardware can be used with 5Volts of Power! (841 removed Resistor) […]

Hardware Tip: “Null Euro” entkoppelte Festplatte (“Zero Dollar” Hard Drive acoustic decoupling)

Problem: Festplatten brummen in PC Gehaeuse, Schwingungen werden uebertragen. Harddrive rotations transmitted by case parts and acousitc boosted up Professionelle Produkte zum entkoppeln kosten bis 30 Euro. Professional Parts must be paid up to 40 Dollars/Drive Lösung:  “Null Euro” Lösung – “Zero Dollar” Solution Festplatten im 5.25 Zoll Laufwerk auf Einmachgummis haengen Harddrives mounted on grommets of old botteling jars