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getsimple cms: blog plugin bug with mod_rewrite

Problem: If you use the “blog” plugin and move the blog roll to a other site or subfolder you have to recreate the “.htaccess” file. You find the “.htaccess” generator tool link inside blog plugin settings! recreate the “.htaccess” and put it into the root dir of your webspace .htaccess dump of a correct file if getsimple is installed to ./ AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 Options -Indexes # blocks direct access to the XML files – they hold all the data! Order allow,deny Deny from all Satisfy All Order allow,deny Allow from all Satisfy All RewriteEngine on # Usually RewriteBase is just […]

getsimple CMS the free slim lightweight CMS

getsimple is a very easy to handle Content Management System for free, it can be used for Homepages, Businesscards, Blogs.. Advantages: light no database framework opensource free fast easy to setup easy to move to a new domain offers backups tool offers recovery for posts extendable with plugins free themes clean design low system requirements for embedded Systems needs PHP5 and rewrite_module enabled on Apache offers debug Log to find errors Download Source: Community on google+ Screenshot:  

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